Welcome to Just a Spoonful of Beauty!

Hello, lovelies!

My name is Katie, and I’ve been obsessed with makeup for about a year and a half now. Ever since I got into makeup, I’ve watched the YouTube beauty greats (like Jaclyn Hill, emilynoel83, Allison Anderson, etc.), and I’ve always admired their work and talent. Recently, I realized that I have enough experience by now to share some of my advice with people who may be in the same place that I was a couple years ago, and what a more fun and easy way to do it than a blog?! I’ll try to keep up this blog as much as possible with fun reviews, tutorials, first impressions, favorites, you name it! I hope to connect with as many beauty fanatics and gain as much knowledge as possible in the name of makeup, but enough about my channel and onto the weirdo behind the screen!

Besides makeup, I’ve got three dogs, Odie, Loki, and Kiki, and obsessions with lots of people and things, including (but not limited to): Ed Sheeran, anything and everything Disney, Vera Bradley, sugar, YouTube, learning Spanish, singing (in the shower, in the supermarket, in my sleep, anywhere), cheese, Sam Smith, harmonizing with my best friends, being happy, cute designs/patterns, finding new eyeshadow combinations every day, shopping, sleeping, connecting with people, dancing in my car, blasting music, and, of course, makeup. Yes, I am a typical white girl, and I embrace it (although I do not like coffee, I’m more of an unsweet tea type of gal :)! Speaking of tea, I think everyone is beau-TEA-ful (wow, Katie, way to stretch that pun) no matter what “imperfections” they may think they have. I’m a firm believer that God makes no mistakes, so that mole on your nose? Totally a kiss from above. 🙂 There is nothing wrong with any girl out there, except that they may an attitude that doesn’t reflect how perfect they are. Therefore, I think makeup is there to enhance our beautiful features, not to hide them. I love Bobbi Brown and her message that “Makeup is a way for a woman to look and feel like herself, only prettier and more confident”, so I strive to do my makeup every single day in a way that makes me feel beautiful, not to hide, not to stay on trend, and not because I have to. Anyway, enough on that rant. Bottom line: I love the power of makeup!

I’m super excited to start my another chapter of my makeup journey on this blog. I fully understand I’ll make lots of mistakes along the way, but that will make the triumphs so much more rewarding. If you have any questions or requests for upcoming posts, please leave a comment down below! Thank you so much for stopping by and I will see you soon! 🙂


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