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Hello, lovelies!

Big things are happening over at Just a Spoonful of Beauty! JASOB’s new home is now! Make sure to bookmark it, set it as your home page, or all of the above! Thank you for all your support. It’s been a ride so far and I can’t wait to see where it will take me next!

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Goodwill & Hautelook Spotlight: High-Fashion FOR LESS!

Where are all my Goodwill fans at? 🙂

I was recently introduced to the absolute candy land that is Goodwill a couple weeks ago by my good friend, Abi. She’s got this awesome, vintage, hipster style, and she finds the greatest stuff at thrift/discount stores. Aaaaaand our Chipotle is right across the street from Goodwill, so it SURE is a surprise that every time we hang out, we always end up shopping. 🙂

Sure, there’s ALWAYS going to be those totally tubular 80’s sweatshirts and jazzy jackets clearly made for the older crowd, but that’s the great thing about Goodwill: it’s an ADVENTURE. There’s something for everyone, and it’s all about searching a bit and finding those diamonds in the rough. Also, I have two Goodwills within 20 minutes of my hometown, and no two Goodwills are the same. Need a build-your-own halloween costume or just one more piece to complete your perfect outfit? I’ll bet it’s there! And NO ONE else has that outfit, so you can be your original, unique self. 😉

And can we talk about the best part? THE PRICE.

Goodwill charges anywhere from $2-$12 for regular clothing items. That’s, like, cheaper than Forever 21 on clearance. Keep in mind that these clothing items were also $20+ in their beginnings, but they’re just a little bit used. But really, no one on the street is going to know that, so why not just get it for a discount? And, as I’m sure you know, Goodwill supports many organizations around the country for the less fortunate. According to the Goodwill website, they produce “$5 billion dollars in revenue” each year, and for each dollar earned, they spend “83 cents” giving back to services that help those who need it. That way, while you’re getting killer deals on cute clothes, you can also feel great knowing that you’re helping someone in a way that you couldn’t have by buying at a brand-name store. I just can’t say enough good things about Goodwill!

ANYWAY, to the outfit!


Please excuse the junior high “mirror selfie”. I have yet to master how to take a full body selfie using the front camera. 🙂

This entire outfit cost…

wait for it…


But the original retail price (give or take)?

wait for it again…



Let’s break it down, y’all. 😉


This is the 212 Collection Sleeveless Blouse (you can find this here), which is priced normally at $27, but now it’s $4! I tried researching this brand, but I only found that it was sold at Kohl’s for a little while, but no longer. Amazing what you can find at Goodwill!


This pair of shorts is from another brand that I have researched everywhere for, but I just can’t find any trace of where it was sold. From what I could find, this pair of shorts from C’est Toi could range anywhere from $15-$30, so I just valued it as $20 for research’s sake. But again, Goodwill priced this at $4! These shorts are so comfortable and hug my curves so well, but they’re not too short! I love ’em. I love ’em a lot!

*Side note: Does anyone know why they’re called pairs of shorts? Pair means 2, but there’s only one item of clothing? I don’t know. Technicalities. 🙂


This is the only full-priced item in the bunch, but it’s from Old Navy – home of reasonably priced, cute clothes. This belt is valued at $14.94 on Old Navy’s website, and it goes with everything. It’s also big and meaty, so it does what a belt was made to do.


These are the Carrini Black Wedge Sandals, and I found these on Hautelook for $12.97! Crazy!

Hautelook is an extension of Nordstrom that offers up ridiculously discounted high-fashion items for only days at a time, and membership is absolutely free! All you need to do is check your email each day for the events that are offered! But you can’t wait too long because supplies are limited and the sale only lasts for 2-3 days.

At full retail price, they did cost $50, but have since gone to lots of online discount shops, and you can now find it here. These are actually quite comfortable for daily wear, but they can get very uncomfortable towards the end of the day. They tend to chafe my pinky toes and they technically are “heels”, so the balls of my feet do not feel so hot after a day of shopping. But for $13, I will take it!


Here’s another look!

I don’t know, does this look high fashion to you? I certainly feel like a million bucks wearing this, but I definitely didn’t pay a million for it! Leave a comment down below telling me your favorite discount stores or recommendations for future posts! I hope you have a wonderfully high-fashion, but low-cost day. Keep strong, be kind, and stay beautiful. 🙂

xo, Katie


SHOWDOWN: Which Naked palette should you buy?

Ah, Naked palettes: the cult eyeshadow favorites of anyone who’s walked into a Sephora, and for good reason! These 12-pan palettes from Urban Decay are smooth, creamy, pigmented, and beautiful every-day shades that truly look good on everyone. But, if you’re someone who’s just diving into makeup and wants their first eyeshadow palette, it can be kind of overwhelming to determine which one to try out.

And that’s where I’m here to help!

I’ll be giving swatches and individual reviews of each of the palettes and then a comparison of all three!

Note: All of these palettes cost $54 and are available for sale at Ulta, Sephora, and on

Naked Palette


Encased in a felt packaging, the original palette has two matte shades and ten shimmery shades that are mostly warm-toned. Warm tones mean that there are hues such as red, orange, and yellow in them that give an overall warm appearance. This doesn’t mean that warm tones always have to be light colors, they just have to have those type of color backgrounds. Purple, for example, can be either, but it just depends on how much red and blue is in it to determine if it is warm or cool.

(First time swatching on my arm…don’t judge :))


The key features for this palette are that they have two matte crease colors (Naked and Buck), and a very natural highlight shade (Virgin). These are two things you need for every eye look, no matter what, and the crease shades are just so compatible with so many skin tones, whether you want a day or night look. Other than that, this palette has GORGEOUS shimmery colors that would look great on anybody.


This palette is going to cater to people who have more warm tones in their skin, or for people who just like wearing warmer skin tones. For me, warm tones are more comfortable and just make me feel prettier. They’re what I gravitate towards, and I think they especially complement my brown hair.

Naked 2


This sequel to the wildly successful Naked palette has 12 shades, just like the original, except these are mostly cool-toned. Cool tones have hues of blue and green in them, and have an overall cool appearance to them. Another difference between this and the first palette is that this has much sturdier, tin packaging.


There are three matte shades, including a deeeeep black (Blackout), which is useful for SO many things, including using it as eyeliner, outer V shade for a smokey eye, etc. This palette is also great for really smokey eye looks for going out to the club or something like that. It also has a repeat shade from the first palette, Half-Baked, a straight-up gold.


This palette will cater to people with more cool tones in their skin and those who love cooler shades. Also, if you like to wear cooler lipsticks, this may be a great way to go. When I use this palette, I don’t know, I just don’t feel as comfortable and homey as with the original Naked. These are probably colors that are more suited for people a little older than me, and my tastes will change, so I might love this in a couple of years.

Naked 3


The Naked 3 is the odd-one out in the Urban Decay bunch. Same sturdy packaging as the Naked 2, but the focus on this palette is rose gold tones: pinks, roses, golds, all colors that center around the popular rose gold tone. There is a nice mix of warm and cool tones in this palette, so it works on everyone, as long as you’re cool with having gorgeous pinks on your eyes. 🙂


The Naked 3 parallels the original in that it has two matte crease colors, one for everyday looks (Limit) and one for darker looks (Nooner), and one matte highlight shade (Strange). These shimmery shades are just gorgeous, and perfect for the pink-lover.


If you lose rose gold looks on the eye, then this is the palette for you. I wouldn’t say that this is the most versatile palette just because of the color focus, but a very nice addition to any eyeshadow collection. These colors will work on everyone, but for me, I prefer these shades on the lips rather than the eyes. Not an absolutely essential palette, but gorgeous nonetheless.


Okay, so the time has come. Which Naked palette should you buy?


If you are just starting out in makeup, want a natural-look most days, and want the most versatile palette available? Go for the Naked. You can create soooo many different looks with this one, and it’s just got the colors that you want on your eyes.

If you are maybe in your 30’s or older and are trying to achieve smokier looks, then you should get the Naked 2. It’s got gorgeous cool toned shades, and would be perfect for darker looks.

I wouldn’t really recommend the Naked 3 for starting out just because it’s not versatile. It has gorgeous shades, but it’s only useful in certain cases.



It’s just the most versatile palette you could buy, and for $54, you need all the versatility you can get. Go with the cult classic, it’s a classic for a reason!

Thank you so much for reading this Naked palette showdown! If you’d like to see future tutorials using these palettes, leave a comment down below! Make sure to like, follow, and comment on which palette is your favorite! See you soon, lovelies! 🙂

xo, Katie


Review and Swatches: Makeup Geek Eyeshadows!

Hello there! I just got my wisdom teeth out…yuck, I know. So, any hopes I had of doing a tutorial are now dashed for the time being, but I hope to crank one out in the next week or so!

I’ve always been a crazy fan of the Makeup Geek herself, Marlena, and everything that she stands for. She’s one of the most genuine, compassionate, and caring people I’ve seen on YouTube, and her talent is crazy! So, when I heard that she came out with a makeup line and saw the absolutely RAVE reviews the line got, my makeup-obsessive mind told me that it was completely rational to buy twenty of them. 😉

The normal eyeshadow pans are valued at $5.99, and the Foiled shadows are valued at $9.99. The only place you can buy them are at the Makeup Geek Store, and if you wander around her website a little bit, you can also find many tutorials and tips that are super helpful! If you can’t tell, I’m a huge fan. 😉

The absolute best way that I could think to store these is in a Z palette, which you can also find on the Makeup Geek site in varying colors and patterns. All it is is a palette with a magnetic back that you can stick your pans into to make your own custom palette. They come in sizes from a Small to an Extra Large, so you can get the best palette for your needs and to depot your single eyeshadows from any other brand, with this tutorial from the Makeup Geek herself.

Let’s just get this out of the way first: these shadows are PHENOMENAL. I’ll be honest, when I kept hearing review after review that these were the best things to happen to the makeup world, I got my hopes up really high, and to be honest again, they’re not what I expected. In reality, I’m not really sure what I expected, but here’s what I found: They’re everything you want in an eyeshadow. Pigmented, SO creamy, they’re just beautiful! The only thing I will say is that, for the short time that I’ve been using them, they’re not suuuper long-wearing, but I’ll continue trying new primer-shadow combinations and stuff like that to keep testing out the longevity of these shadows.

The foiled shadows are SO creamy that, when I put my finger into the pan, I feel like I should’ve made a dent in it because it feels almost like a cream. But when I look down, it’s still the same! They’re so crazy. I can’t really give an effective review because you JUST need to try them! And the best part? They’re literally HALF the price of a single MAC shadow, which has been its greatest comparison. Katie Approved!

Now, I’ll give swatches of all 20 so you can see how it looks on me, and maybe that’ll inspire you to get some of your own! Foiled eyeshadows will be marked with an asterisk.

The first one is Shimma Shimma ($5.99)

IMG_7100 IMG_7101

This. is. so. great. It’s the perfect beigey-shimmery shade to put in your inner corner and below the brow. The best part is that it doesn’t look frosty, and it’s not too in your face. It looks very natural, and really goes with any look (and I even use it as my cheek highlight sometimes!). This is a MUST!

The next shade is Beaches and Cream ($5.99)

IMG_7102 IMG_7103

You’re probably not going to be able to see this shade on my hand swatch because it is exactly my skin tone. This is the perfect shade to blend into any eye look for a more seamless transition in between shadows, at least for light to medium skin tones. Another must buy!

Next shadow is Magic Act* ($9.99)

IMG_7104 IMG_7105

Magic act is the first foiled eyeshadow, and it is just the perfect gold shade. What I imagine it for is that great holiday makeup look with gold eyes and red lips. It’s such a vibrant, warm-toned gold. Very pretty!

This next one is Glamorous ($5.99)

IMG_7106 IMG_7107

Ahhhhh, this shade. I’d like to think of Glamorous as a deeper Magic Act with some orangey-rusty brown tones in it. I’m a big fan of layering this in the outer V of a super simple, everyday gold look.

Up next is Creme Brulee ($5.99)

IMG_7108 IMG_7109

The thing that I love about Makeup Geek shadows is that their mattes are just as creamy as their shimmers. This is basically a step deeper than Beaches and Cream, so if you maybe want to darken up your crease a bit, this is a wonderful transition shade for that, and a great skin tone shade for my medium to medium-deep girls!

The next shade is In the Spotlight* ($9.99)

IMG_7110 IMG_7111

Okay, real talk. SO pretty! In the Spotlight is a great everyday shade when you want to feel a little glam. It’s got peachy-pink undertones, but the overall effect is pretty much what a spotlight would give off, very bright, shimmery, and GORGEOUS!

Next up is Starry Eyed* ($9.99)

IMG_7112 IMG_7113

I think it might be possible to love this shade more than In the Spotlight because, as much as I love it, the peachiness in it doesn’t exactly go with every eye look I may want to create. But Starry Eyed is basically the same “spotlight” effect, but with a mauvey-tan shade. It truly goes with everything!

The next shadow is Mesmerized* ($9.99)

IMG_7114 IMG_7115

Oooh, how I love this shade. This is perfect to darken up the outer V for a standard smokey eye. It’s a deep, greyish-brown with a slight tinge of plum in it. So good!

The next shade is Homecoming ($5.99)

IMG_7116 IMG_7117

Homecoming is a very pretty, shimmery taupe with a hint of gold. Not much to say about this one, besides it’s really pretty!

Following that up is Grandstand* ($9.99)

IMG_7118 IMG_7119

Grandstand is a LOVELY step deeper than In the Spotlight. A lovely peachy-pink with a warm-toned brown base. I loooooooove this shade!

This next one is Cocoa Bear ($5.99)

IMG_7120 IMG_7121

Another one of these spot-on mattes. Cocoa Bear is a warm-toned, mid-range brown shade that would be perfect for darkening up the lower lash line for everyday, lighter smokey eyes. Great shade.

Up next is Cosmopolitan ($5.99)

IMG_7122 IMG_7123

Everyone raves about this eyeshadow because it is said to be a dupe for MAC’s Expensive Pink, except half the price! It’s a rich, dark pink with a gold sheen to it. It is GOOOORGEOUS, and super creamy! Definitely recommend this one!

The next shadow is Latte ($5.99)

IMG_7127 IMG_7128

UGH! Can I sing enough praises about this shade? Latte is the cool-toned version of Cocoa Bear, and is absolutely perfect for deepening up the crease with a fluffy brush if you want a look with a little more va-voom. 🙂 ABSOLUTELY essential shade!

The next eyeshadow is Cinderella

IMG_7129 IMG_7130

This was the only shade I was less than impressed with. It’s supposed to be a light pink, shimmery shade, but this one just didn’t show up on me. This might work as a really natural highlight, but I won’t be using a lot of this unfortunately. I hope this was just a dud! Let me know if you’ve tried this shade!

Up next is the shade Bitten ($5.99)

IMG_7131 IMG_7132

In the pan, Bitten comes off as a rich Burgundy, but if you didn’t see the pan on the side, it’s honestly more of a rusty, deep brown, but it’s AMAZING! Jaclyn Hill uses this all the time as her lower lash line deepener (that’s not a word, haha). Another amazing matte!

The next shadow is Burlesque ($5.99)

IMG_7133 IMG_7135

Ooooohhhhhh my goodness. these shades are my WEAKNESS. On the eyes, on the lips, muted on the cheeks, really anywhere! I just think this color works wonderfully well with my skin tone and hair color, and this shadow is NO exception. I love this for deepening up the outer V. It’s basically the shimmery version of Bitten, and SOOOOO wonderful!

Next up is Showtime* ($9.99)

IMG_7136 IMG_7138

I like to think of this as the foiled version of Burlesque, and it’s just as gorgeous! I will say that this burgundy shade has a little sparkle, and I’m usually turned off to sparkle, but because this is my favorite color in the rainbow, I’ll make an exception. GOOOOORGEOUS color!

The next eyeshadow is Caitlin Rose* ($9.99)

IMG_7139 IMG_7140

Caitlin Rose is a very special shade. It’s a cool-toned, bright purple shade with a hint of blue in it. It’s a very “out there” sort of shade, and you may be wondering, the neutral-lover that I am, why I’d buy it. This shade is named after a very special girl by the name of Caitlin Rose who was a very good friend of Marlena’s. Her and two of her siblings suffered from Batten Disease, which is a degenerative disorder that causes its victims to start to deteriorate with all sorts of motor skill problems, and they are eventually set in a vegetative state and suffer a premature death. It’s a horrible disease, but Caitlin Rose was a beautiful person, and her favorite color was purple. So, all proceeds from this shadow go to a charity that is designed for Batten Disease research, awareness, and payment to the families affected by it. And it certainly is a beautiful shade. Wonderful job, Marlena. 🙂

Up next is High Wire* ($9.99)

IMG_7141 IMG_7142

I have never had anything like High Wire! It’s just a straight up, cool-toned silver with PIGMENT! And may I remind you again that ALL of these shadows are creamy as can be with pigment to follow! I’m loving experimenting with this shade!

Last, but not least, we have Prom Night ($5.99)

IMG_7143 IMG_7144

Prom Night is a taupey-beige shade with some shimmer in it. It doesn’t swatch the best, but it’s a very pretty add-in color to any look. You may have a shadow similar to this already, but it’s got that Makeup Geek quality, so I’d recommend!

Wow, still with me? 🙂 Thank you so much for reading my review and swatch post on Makeup Geek eyeshadows! If you’ve got any questions or recommendations for a future tutorial using these shadows, please leave a comment down below! I hope you’ve been having a wonderful day! Keep strong, be kind, and stay beautiful. 🙂

xo, Katie


Drugstore Gem: Beauty and the Beast e.l.f. Collection!

Okay, be warned, my major nerd is coming out. 😉

I have been, am, and will always will be a GIANT Disney nerd. I love how warm and fuzzy they make you feel, how well the stories are written, and how I always end up feeling like a kid again. They’re the only movies I want to watch again, a lot of my music are soundtracks, my brother was The Beast during his senior year musical, and I was even Mary Poppins my senior year for the spring musical (I’ll insert a couple pictures for your viewing pleasure 🙂 )

End of “Jolly Holiday”


End of “Step in Time”


Final fly-out (That was literally the funnest thing I’ve ever done)


Fun Fact: My boyfriend was Bert 🙂 Best. Experience. Ever.


And this is how he asked me to prom. 😀


And yes, my blog was named after the famous song, A Spoonful of Sugar. 😉

So, you’ll imagine my shock and utter joy when I see my two favorite things together: makeup and Disney! Right as I turned into the beauty section of Walgreen’s, I saw THIS:


*insert Hallelujah chorus here AHHHHHHH

In this line, they’re selling lip balms,


Nail polish,


Makeup bags and beauty books,


Eyeshadow and face palettes,


and lip glosses and cream eyeshadows


I should also note that there were a couple of Aladdin products on clearance below and other Disney princess makeup bags at another location, which makes me think that this is a series. But, Beauty and the Beast has to be my favorite Disney princess movie of ALL TIME. Probably because of the hair similarity, haha!

I had to drag myself away so as not to give into my temptation of buying everything on the shelf, so I compromised by just buying a bag, a lip gloss, and a cream eyeshadow. I had pretty high expectations for this because e.l.f. is one of the better lines at the drugstore in terms of quality.

So, I soon as I got home, I knocked these bad boys out and started swatching!

My eye was just drawn to this bag.


It retails for $7.99. It has a handle sewn into the side, but I’m not usually a fan of those, so it luckily unhooks from the side so I can tuck it in the bag when I zip it. It just says “Belle” on the front and has the balcony scene just after the memorable ballad, Beauty and the Beast, sung by Mrs. Potts herself. 😉

It also has a lovely pink print of Beauty and the Beast dancing, along with a single rose to be exchanged for shelter from the bitter cold. Repulsed by her haggard appearance, the prince sneered at the gift and turned the old woman away- OH MY GOODNESS. Is my nerdiness too much for you yet? 🙂


There’s not really much to review here. It’s not the most wonderfully crafted bag ever made, but for the mega Disney nerd like me, it’s a wonderful piece to my collection.

Next, I tried the one of the Super Glossy Lip Shines ($2.99) in the shade Mrs. Potts, which is advertised as a nude pink.


It also comes in shades Belle, a peachy pink, and Rose, a typical rosy red. At first swatch, I was like HOLY PIGMENT. THIS IS GORGEOUS. The color was so opaque, glossy, and seemed very comfortable. A little thick and goopy, but I’d be willing to let it go for that much color payoff. It also has a pretty strong watermelon smell, which I like, but if that’s not your thing, you may want to steer clear of this one.


But here’s where things get a little…wah.

I applied it to my lips, but because of the consistency of the gloss, the color just patched where it initially wanted to go. Then, once I finally smoothed all of the gloss out, the color was gone and it was basically just a clear lip gloss. I can’t vouch for the other colors because I haven’t tried them, but I hope the color payoff is better with those. But as for Mrs. Potts, I found that, although it was very glossy, it still stuck to the dry patches on my lips, which can be remedied by using the elf lip exfoliator (it’s an elf kind of day), and then topping off with a nice balm. But this one wasn’t my favorite.

Finally, I tried the “An Enchanted Tale” Eyeshadow and Eyeliner smudge pot ($4.99) in the shade Belle , which is a gooooorgeous, brassy gold shade. It also comes in Beast, and as you might expect, this is a light, shimmery brown.


At first swatch, it was so. stinking. creamy. Like even creamier than Maybelline Color Tattoos (which are wonderful!), almost a mousse-like texture. Like the gloss swatch, it was SO pigmented, but fortunately it was just as pigmented on the eyes! Here’s a swatch:


I can’t rave about this enough. It’s creamy, pigmented, long-wearing, and only 5$! If you love gold shades, I totally suggest giving this a try, especially if you’re a Disney enthusiast! This is a wonderful every day shade, and makes a great base for other shadows if you want to build on top of it. Although, I will say that because it is just SO creamy, it’s a little difficult to initially get it out of the pot because it starts to build up on your finger, so I would suggest using a brush you don’t particularly care about to apply. 😉 DEFINITELY would recommend!

Well, there you go! There’s my review/haul of the elf Beauty and the Beast collection! Who is your favorite Disney princess? Leave a comment down below, as well as any recommendations you have for future posts! Until next time, keep strong, be kind, and stay beautiful. 🙂

xo, Katie

p.s. Price and name reference courtesy of

June Favorites!

Hello there, lovelies!

Isn’t it crazy how time flies? It’s already the end of June! I go to college in a little over a month…oh dear. 😉

Anyway, I’d like to share with you the products that I have been loving over the past month! It really does take a lot for me to make a product a favorite, and these have made the cut! Check them out!


1.) Maybelline Color Tattoo in Inked in Pink ($6.99, Walgreens)

I tend to have oily eyelids, so cream eyeshadows and primers that really stick to my lid are a godsend. I first bought this Color Tattoo (by the way, shout out to the entire line. They’re SO longwearing and have beautiful colors!) for Valentine’s Day to do a romantic pinky eye, but I’ve recently rediscovered it, and I LOVE it for an everyday eyeshadow base. It is not as pigmented as it is in the pot at first, but if you keep layering it, it has comes out at this wonderfully pigmented pink color! It’s beautiful on its own, with a matte tan thrown in the crease, or as a base for added eyeshadow on top. I haven’t been able to stop wearing it!


2.) Bare Minerals Mineral Veil ($21, Sephora)

I love this loose powder for an everyday matte finish that doesn’t look too cakey or unnatural. It is not the most finely powder I have (ahem, Make Up Forever Microfinish Powder), but because it has the slightest hint of skintone to it, it doesn’t come off as ashy as some finishing powders do. To get the most natural look, I set it with another favorite of mine this month, which I will list next. 😉


3.) Urban Decay All-Nighter Makeup Setting Spray ($30, Sephora)

As mentioned above, I love to set my entire face with this stuff for the most natural-looking and long-wearing makeup I can achieve. I know this is a makeup no-no, but I left my makeup on over night last night, and I could STILL wipe off some foundation after applying it 10 am the day before! This is also really great for reducing ‘cake face’ because it brings back some moisture lost by putting powder on, but the great thing about this is it doesn’t bring back oil! I know the price is steep, but it’s so worth it!


4.) Bare Minerals Flawless Definition Mascara ($18, Sephora)

I received this mascara in a Bare Minerals kit that I got from one of my very good friends for my birthday back in April (Hey, Abii!), and I had only recently tried it. I have to say that this is GREAT! For me, I don’t like the spidery, overly voluminous lashes. This mascara gave better than average volume without the clump and the spideryness that I usually get from most mascaras. The term “flawless definition” is very fitting. Will definitely be a repurchase!


5.) e.l.f. Studio Cream Eyeliner in Coffee ($3, Target)

Okay, I’ll admit. At first try, I kind of hated this, but I’ll attribute that to I didn’t really know what I was doing in the eyeliner department. However, I’ve been feeling extra adventurous lately, so I decided to give this a second shot, and let me tell you, this stuff is most DEFINITELY worth the $3! I love how subtle it looks on the eye because of the brown color, and how you can get the closest line to the eye because of the cream consistency. It’s always very creamy (hence the name :)), so it’s very simple to apply it with any typical eyeliner brush (e.g. Sigma E05). Seriously, take the plunge.


6.) Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge ($6, Ulta)

If you read my Stay or Stray on this vs. the Beauty Blender (and if you haven’t, you should :)), you’ll know that I love this sponge! It’s a little less dense than the Beauty Blender, but the application of foundation looks practically the same. And for less than half the price, this is definitely the way to go! Definitely the best Beauty Blender ‘dupe’ I’ve tried!

Well, there you go! Those are my June favorites! If you have any recommendations for upcoming posts, leave a comment down below! Be kind, love yourself, and stay fabulous. 🙂

xo, Katie

How to Get Perfectly Smooth Lips for Any Occasion!

Hello, lovelies! How ya doin’? 🙂

So, we all know that one lipstick that just makes us feel GREAT. It may be that bold berry, statement red, or just a simple everyday nude. But, there’s nothing worse than trying on your favorite lipstick and seeing those gross little bits of skin peeling off! (*shudders) We’ve all been there, but why be there now? I’ve got some tips to get the most luscious and smooth lips, perfect for any occasion! Just keep reading!

1.) Exfoliate


The first step in having the best lips of your life is getting rid of that nasty, old skin! I usually exfoliate once a week to make sure I’m not being too rough on that skin. There are so many different products you can use to exfoliate, but my favorite is the e.l.f. Studio Lip Exfoliator ($3, Target). It is literally a sugar scrub in a lipstick form, and it could not be more convenient! Instead of getting your fingers all dirty by sticking it in the tube, applying it, and then washing it off, you just have to scrub it right from the tube, and voila! It is also a great exfoliator (as is in the description), as well as very moisturizing after the fact. Plus, for $3? GET OUTTA TOWN.

2.) Deeply Moisturize


After you’ve scrubbed away all the dead skin, you need to replenish the moisture, which means applying a deeply moisturizing lip balm after exfoliating (again, just once a week for this product). My favorite to use is the Vaseline Lip Therapy Balm in Cocoa Butter ($1.79, Walgreens). It was my saving grace during the winter months this year. NOTHING lasted as long, moisturized as well, and made my lips feel just absolutely luxurious. It has a wonderful taste, and again, super cheap! It also comes in original, rose, and creme brulee, but I’d personally go for the Cocoa Butter. Can I get a woop woop for cheap and amazing products? WOOP WOOP. 🙂

3.) Apply Lip Balm


Before you even start applying your foundation, it’s always a good idea to apply a moisturizing lip balm if you know you’re going to be wearing lipstick. You need to make sure you let the balm set for a little while so that it gets tacky and provides a surface for the lipstick to cling to, while still providing moisture for your lips. Sorry to be super cliche here, but my favorite is the e.o.s. Smooth Lip Balm ($3.49, Walgreens) in whatever flavor you’re feeling that day (I swear, there’s like 50, haha!). The one pictured is in Strawberry Sorbet. The thing that I love about these lip balms is that they’re so moisturizing, but yet so light at the same time (as opposed to the Vaseline, where it can get a little goopy). Perfect for layering under any lipstick!

*Side note: Try to look for lip balms that have any sort of SPF in it. This is to prevent getting lip burn, which is just as painful as sunburn. I love the Fresh Sugar Rose Extreme Tinted Lip Treatment ($22.50, Sephora). It has a lovely rose scent, gives the prettiest flush to the lips, and has SPF 15.

4.) Apply Moisturizing Lipstick


At least for the first week of lip treatment, try to stay away from matte or drying lipsticks. These tend to bring out those bits of skin, especially if the lipstick is an unflattering color. I’m a big fan of the Bite Beauty Luminous Creme Lipstick ($24, Sephora). I tried the duo they sell in the checkout aisle, and that lipstick is so moisturizing and pigmented! Really, you can’t go wrong with any lipstick that has keywords “moisturizing, luminous, creamy, or shiny”.

5.) Try Matte, but moisturizing Lipsticks!


After you feel like your lips are in tip-top shape, try the Revlon Colorburst Matte Balms (8.99, Walgreens). I seriously cannot believe how matte these are when I rub my lips together because they’re just so darn comfortable! They come in beautiful colors, including my go-to red lip, Standout. They’re my new favorite!

Alright, gals. There are my tips for getting the best lips of your life! Have any recommendations for future posts? Feel free to comment down below! Until next time, girls, be well, be kind, and I’ll see you next time! (haha, that kind of rhymed. 😉 )

xo, Katie ❤