Love and Hate Tag!

Why hello there! 🙂

I was nominated by the lovely heyEHREN (if you haven’t subscribed to her yet, you definitely should!) to do the Love and Hate Tag, so I thought it would be a nice change of pace to switch it up and do something non-beauty related and get to know me a little bit! But don’t worry, though, I’ll be back soon with another makeup post!

So, here are the rules!

Share 10 things you love, and 10 things you hate, then tag up to 10 other bloggers!

Pretty simple, huh? 😉 Let’s get started! (And let’s do the hate’s first so we can end on a happy note!)

*And I’ll just go ahead and not include makeup because I think that’s a given at this point. 🙂

10 Things I Hate

1.) Rude, Hateful, Judgmental, and/or Self-Absorbed People – I am a happy, joyful person (most of the time, haha), so I honestly can’t understand the mindset of people who are initially rude or just not nice. Why spread hate when you can spread love? Everyone will be much happier as a result, and who knows? Maybe the person you just made a snide remark about was having a horrible day? It’s not necessary, and it just hurts. So spread the love. 🙂

2.) Exercise that feels like exercise – Don’t get me wrong. I know exercise is necessary, and when I find an exercise that I LOVE (ahem, Zumba), I feel SO much better and accomplished after doing it. BUT, in my pursuit of finding fun exercise, I find exercises that just make me feel like I’m doing exercise, and I need distraction or I won’t do it. Like running? No. Weight Lifting? No. Dancing like a bafoon? Yes. 😉

3.) Waking Up or Just Being Up in the Morning – I. Don’t. Do. Mornings. If you wake me up before 10, don’t expect me to be functional and/or happy-cheery. That’s why high school was so horrible for me. My alarm went off at 7, then 7:05, then 7:10…

4.) Seeing People Alone or Being Made Fun of – My heart physically aches for those who get bullied because they may not necessarily be “normal”. That’s a big reason why I’m going into Speech Pathology – so I can help children with speech impediments overcome their issue.

5.) Scary Movies – Nope. Nope. Nope. I don’t do them. Nope.

6.) Being Cold – I am cold most of the time, and I absolutely hate it. It ruins my whole mood.

7.) Condiments – I am probably the pickiest eater in the world. I’ll spare you my hate list by just telling you the stuff I DO like: cheese, barbeque sauce, lettuce, and spinach. Yup. I’m very plain. 🙂

8.) My Allergies – I’m allergic to basically everything under the sun, including dogs. 😦 That definitely doesn’t stop me from having them, though! At least it’s not food allergies. That would suck. I take bi-weekly allergy shots and an allergy pill every morning, and that usually makes it tolerable. 🙂

9.) Change – I don’t do well with change. I like routine and comfort, so major changes in my life set me off.

10.) Crying Babies in Quiet Places (and parents that don’t deal with it accordingly) – I know it’s probably irrational, but I just have such an intolerance to crying babies in church, a movie theater, anywhere that’s supposed to be quiet. I know, the gift of life or whatever. 😉

And now,

10 Things I Love

1.) God – My faith is very important to me, and I’m a strong believer that He is with me wherever I go.

2.) Music – If you were to pick any given time from 3:30-10 pm during my high school years, I would’ve been in some sort of rehearsal. I was in Marching Band, Jazz Band, Madrigals (a cappella group), and my school’s Drama Club. Music makes me feel things that no other medium can make me feel, and I am completely in love with it. I sing in the shower, in the car, in the hallway, probably when I’m sleeping: really anywhere! In case you were wondering, I will be attaching pictures. 😉


My last year in Madrigals


Glamour shot 😉


Playing Mary Bailey in “It’s a Wonderful Life”


Last Band show ever 😦

3.) Shopping – Whenever I’m feeling down or bored, I just go down to my local mall and window shop (If I were to actually shop, I would have been in debt a long time ago) and make a wish list in my mind of things I want to buy when I go shopping. There’s just something spectacular about coming home with arms full of bags. I can’t explain it. It’s just therapeutic. 😉

4.) Dogs – I think that dogs are literally the most perfect creatures that God put on this Earth. They are ALWAYS happy to see, never get mad at you, always cheer you up, and not to mention, they’re sooooooooo adorable. I have three dogs, and I miss them a TON right now. Adopt, don’t shop. 🙂


Odie, Loki, and Kiki

5.) Netflix – I know, I know. Call me a white girl, I just can’t help it! Seasons upon seasons of quality shows at your disposal is God’s gift to the world! My current favorites are GREY’S ANATOMY (I looove anatomy and medicine-type stuff, plus I love the whole “romantic” side to it), The Office, and How I Met Your Mother.

6.) Rom-Coms – I am SUCH a huge fan of romantic comedies. I’m a very happy person, so I love a good movie that can make me laugh, plus I’m the biggest sap you’ll ever meet (I squeal whenever my two favorite characters get together – It’s like the happiest moment!). I’d have to say my favorite rom-com has to be 27 Dresses. Katherine Heigl is everything.

7.) Tea – For me, one of the greatest pleasures in life is UNSWEET tea (sorry, southerners ;)). A nice cup of English Breakfast in the wintertime makes me so happy. I LOVE the warm and fuzzy hug that you get inside when you drink hot tea. And I get unsweet tea at practically every meal: no calories, refreshing, and it’s got a tad more taste than water. I guess I picked this up from my family where sweet tea is forbidden. 😉

8.) Disney Movies – It’s no secret – I’m actually a 5 year old stuck in an 18 year old’s body. Hearing the Disney castle opening theme to any Disney movie just takes me back to my childhood and just ignites that happy gut feeling that you get from pure happiness. Anyone else get that? Just me? Okay. 😉

They’re just timeless and make me feel like a kid again. I would rather watch Frozen over a rated R movie ANY day. And that way, I can watch movies with my kids without being bored!

9.) The Smell of Citrus and Cake Batter – That’s really random, but these are my two FAVORITE smells in the entire world. Peach, Orange, Apricot, Grapefruit, what have you, are just to DIE for. And CAN WE TALK ABOUT THE NYX MATTE LIP CREAMS? I literally sit down at my vanity just to smell them. The cake batter smell just gets me every. single. time.

10.) The Color Burgundy – I don’t know what it is about this reddish-purpleish-brown shade, but I gravitate towards anything and everything burgundy. I guess it goes really well with my hair and eye color (brown), and it’s just my color. I LURVE it!

And I’ll tag anyone who wants to do this tag on their blog (so I guess that’s like 30…oh well!)

Alright, guys! Thank you so much for reading this Love and Hate Tag! If you’ve got any more personal questions for me, let me know down in the comments! I hope you’re having a wonderful day! Keep strong, be kind, and stay beautiful. 🙂

xo, Katie


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