8 Tips on How to Look Cute as LAZILY as Possible!

Hello there, everyone!

Today’s video is going to be all about tips on how to spruce up your outfit with minimal-no effort! I decided to switch things up a little bit and do a fashion video for a change! I really hope you enjoy!

Keep strong, be kind, and stay beautiful. 🙂

xo, Katie


Goodwill & Hautelook Spotlight: High-Fashion FOR LESS!

Where are all my Goodwill fans at? 🙂

I was recently introduced to the absolute candy land that is Goodwill a couple weeks ago by my good friend, Abi. She’s got this awesome, vintage, hipster style, and she finds the greatest stuff at thrift/discount stores. Aaaaaand our Chipotle is right across the street from Goodwill, so it SURE is a surprise that every time we hang out, we always end up shopping. 🙂

Sure, there’s ALWAYS going to be those totally tubular 80’s sweatshirts and jazzy jackets clearly made for the older crowd, but that’s the great thing about Goodwill: it’s an ADVENTURE. There’s something for everyone, and it’s all about searching a bit and finding those diamonds in the rough. Also, I have two Goodwills within 20 minutes of my hometown, and no two Goodwills are the same. Need a build-your-own halloween costume or just one more piece to complete your perfect outfit? I’ll bet it’s there! And NO ONE else has that outfit, so you can be your original, unique self. 😉

And can we talk about the best part? THE PRICE.

Goodwill charges anywhere from $2-$12 for regular clothing items. That’s, like, cheaper than Forever 21 on clearance. Keep in mind that these clothing items were also $20+ in their beginnings, but they’re just a little bit used. But really, no one on the street is going to know that, so why not just get it for a discount? And, as I’m sure you know, Goodwill supports many organizations around the country for the less fortunate. According to the Goodwill website, they produce “$5 billion dollars in revenue” each year, and for each dollar earned, they spend “83 cents” giving back to services that help those who need it. That way, while you’re getting killer deals on cute clothes, you can also feel great knowing that you’re helping someone in a way that you couldn’t have by buying at a brand-name store. I just can’t say enough good things about Goodwill!

ANYWAY, to the outfit!


Please excuse the junior high “mirror selfie”. I have yet to master how to take a full body selfie using the front camera. 🙂

This entire outfit cost…

wait for it…


But the original retail price (give or take)?

wait for it again…



Let’s break it down, y’all. 😉


This is the 212 Collection Sleeveless Blouse (you can find this here), which is priced normally at $27, but now it’s $4! I tried researching this brand, but I only found that it was sold at Kohl’s for a little while, but no longer. Amazing what you can find at Goodwill!


This pair of shorts is from another brand that I have researched everywhere for, but I just can’t find any trace of where it was sold. From what I could find, this pair of shorts from C’est Toi could range anywhere from $15-$30, so I just valued it as $20 for research’s sake. But again, Goodwill priced this at $4! These shorts are so comfortable and hug my curves so well, but they’re not too short! I love ’em. I love ’em a lot!

*Side note: Does anyone know why they’re called pairs of shorts? Pair means 2, but there’s only one item of clothing? I don’t know. Technicalities. 🙂


This is the only full-priced item in the bunch, but it’s from Old Navy – home of reasonably priced, cute clothes. This belt is valued at $14.94 on Old Navy’s website, and it goes with everything. It’s also big and meaty, so it does what a belt was made to do.


These are the Carrini Black Wedge Sandals, and I found these on Hautelook for $12.97! Crazy!

Hautelook is an extension of Nordstrom that offers up ridiculously discounted high-fashion items for only days at a time, and membership is absolutely free! All you need to do is check your email each day for the events that are offered! But you can’t wait too long because supplies are limited and the sale only lasts for 2-3 days.

At full retail price, they did cost $50, but have since gone to lots of online discount shops, and you can now find it here. These are actually quite comfortable for daily wear, but they can get very uncomfortable towards the end of the day. They tend to chafe my pinky toes and they technically are “heels”, so the balls of my feet do not feel so hot after a day of shopping. But for $13, I will take it!


Here’s another look!

I don’t know, does this look high fashion to you? I certainly feel like a million bucks wearing this, but I definitely didn’t pay a million for it! Leave a comment down below telling me your favorite discount stores or recommendations for future posts! I hope you have a wonderfully high-fashion, but low-cost day. Keep strong, be kind, and stay beautiful. 🙂

xo, Katie