GRWM: Tori Kelly Concert!

Oh HEY there, y’all! Today’s video is going to be a Get Ready With Me, where I do my hair and makeup for the Tori Kelly concert and tell you all about my latest haircut, the new Beyonce album, and obviously, how much I LOVE Tori Kelly!

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Favorite Lipsticks for Spring! | Collab with Lipstick Lullabies!

HELLO there, friends!

Today’s video is a particularly exciting one for me! Not only will I be talking about my favorite lipsticks for spring, but this video is part of a collaboration with Vicky from Lipstick Lullabies! Be sure to check her video out as well!

I hope you all have a wonderful Easter weekend with your loved ones!

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Sephora VIB Sale Haul!

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Today, I bring you my haul from the Sephora VIB Sale that happened last weekend. Let me know if you would like to see an update video in the future!

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Fall Favorites Tag!

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I’m back this week with the Fall Favorites Tag, as popularized by the queen, Jaclyn Hill! Click the link below to check it out!

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SHOWDOWN: Which Naked palette should you buy?

Ah, Naked palettes: the cult eyeshadow favorites of anyone who’s walked into a Sephora, and for good reason! These 12-pan palettes from Urban Decay are smooth, creamy, pigmented, and beautiful every-day shades that truly look good on everyone. But, if you’re someone who’s just diving into makeup and wants their first eyeshadow palette, it can be kind of overwhelming to determine which one to try out.

And that’s where I’m here to help!

I’ll be giving swatches and individual reviews of each of the palettes and then a comparison of all three!

Note: All of these palettes cost $54 and are available for sale at Ulta, Sephora, and on

Naked Palette


Encased in a felt packaging, the original palette has two matte shades and ten shimmery shades that are mostly warm-toned. Warm tones mean that there are hues such as red, orange, and yellow in them that give an overall warm appearance. This doesn’t mean that warm tones always have to be light colors, they just have to have those type of color backgrounds. Purple, for example, can be either, but it just depends on how much red and blue is in it to determine if it is warm or cool.

(First time swatching on my arm…don’t judge :))


The key features for this palette are that they have two matte crease colors (Naked and Buck), and a very natural highlight shade (Virgin). These are two things you need for every eye look, no matter what, and the crease shades are just so compatible with so many skin tones, whether you want a day or night look. Other than that, this palette has GORGEOUS shimmery colors that would look great on anybody.


This palette is going to cater to people who have more warm tones in their skin, or for people who just like wearing warmer skin tones. For me, warm tones are more comfortable and just make me feel prettier. They’re what I gravitate towards, and I think they especially complement my brown hair.

Naked 2


This sequel to the wildly successful Naked palette has 12 shades, just like the original, except these are mostly cool-toned. Cool tones have hues of blue and green in them, and have an overall cool appearance to them. Another difference between this and the first palette is that this has much sturdier, tin packaging.


There are three matte shades, including a deeeeep black (Blackout), which is useful for SO many things, including using it as eyeliner, outer V shade for a smokey eye, etc. This palette is also great for really smokey eye looks for going out to the club or something like that. It also has a repeat shade from the first palette, Half-Baked, a straight-up gold.


This palette will cater to people with more cool tones in their skin and those who love cooler shades. Also, if you like to wear cooler lipsticks, this may be a great way to go. When I use this palette, I don’t know, I just don’t feel as comfortable and homey as with the original Naked. These are probably colors that are more suited for people a little older than me, and my tastes will change, so I might love this in a couple of years.

Naked 3


The Naked 3 is the odd-one out in the Urban Decay bunch. Same sturdy packaging as the Naked 2, but the focus on this palette is rose gold tones: pinks, roses, golds, all colors that center around the popular rose gold tone. There is a nice mix of warm and cool tones in this palette, so it works on everyone, as long as you’re cool with having gorgeous pinks on your eyes. 🙂


The Naked 3 parallels the original in that it has two matte crease colors, one for everyday looks (Limit) and one for darker looks (Nooner), and one matte highlight shade (Strange). These shimmery shades are just gorgeous, and perfect for the pink-lover.


If you lose rose gold looks on the eye, then this is the palette for you. I wouldn’t say that this is the most versatile palette just because of the color focus, but a very nice addition to any eyeshadow collection. These colors will work on everyone, but for me, I prefer these shades on the lips rather than the eyes. Not an absolutely essential palette, but gorgeous nonetheless.


Okay, so the time has come. Which Naked palette should you buy?


If you are just starting out in makeup, want a natural-look most days, and want the most versatile palette available? Go for the Naked. You can create soooo many different looks with this one, and it’s just got the colors that you want on your eyes.

If you are maybe in your 30’s or older and are trying to achieve smokier looks, then you should get the Naked 2. It’s got gorgeous cool toned shades, and would be perfect for darker looks.

I wouldn’t really recommend the Naked 3 for starting out just because it’s not versatile. It has gorgeous shades, but it’s only useful in certain cases.



It’s just the most versatile palette you could buy, and for $54, you need all the versatility you can get. Go with the cult classic, it’s a classic for a reason!

Thank you so much for reading this Naked palette showdown! If you’d like to see future tutorials using these palettes, leave a comment down below! Make sure to like, follow, and comment on which palette is your favorite! See you soon, lovelies! 🙂

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