Favorite Lipsticks for Spring! | Collab with Lipstick Lullabies!

HELLO there, friends!

Today’s video is a particularly exciting one for me! Not only will I be talking about my favorite lipsticks for spring, but this video is part of a collaboration with Vicky from Lipstick Lullabies! Be sure to check her video out as well!

I hope you all have a wonderful Easter weekend with your loved ones!

Keep strong, be kind, and stay beautiful. 🙂

xo, Katie


How to Get Perfectly Smooth Lips for Any Occasion!

Hello, lovelies! How ya doin’? 🙂

So, we all know that one lipstick that just makes us feel GREAT. It may be that bold berry, statement red, or just a simple everyday nude. But, there’s nothing worse than trying on your favorite lipstick and seeing those gross little bits of skin peeling off! (*shudders) We’ve all been there, but why be there now? I’ve got some tips to get the most luscious and smooth lips, perfect for any occasion! Just keep reading!

1.) Exfoliate


The first step in having the best lips of your life is getting rid of that nasty, old skin! I usually exfoliate once a week to make sure I’m not being too rough on that skin. There are so many different products you can use to exfoliate, but my favorite is the e.l.f. Studio Lip Exfoliator ($3, Target). It is literally a sugar scrub in a lipstick form, and it could not be more convenient! Instead of getting your fingers all dirty by sticking it in the tube, applying it, and then washing it off, you just have to scrub it right from the tube, and voila! It is also a great exfoliator (as is in the description), as well as very moisturizing after the fact. Plus, for $3? GET OUTTA TOWN.

2.) Deeply Moisturize


After you’ve scrubbed away all the dead skin, you need to replenish the moisture, which means applying a deeply moisturizing lip balm after exfoliating (again, just once a week for this product). My favorite to use is the Vaseline Lip Therapy Balm in Cocoa Butter ($1.79, Walgreens). It was my saving grace during the winter months this year. NOTHING lasted as long, moisturized as well, and made my lips feel just absolutely luxurious. It has a wonderful taste, and again, super cheap! It also comes in original, rose, and creme brulee, but I’d personally go for the Cocoa Butter. Can I get a woop woop for cheap and amazing products? WOOP WOOP. 🙂

3.) Apply Lip Balm


Before you even start applying your foundation, it’s always a good idea to apply a moisturizing lip balm if you know you’re going to be wearing lipstick. You need to make sure you let the balm set for a little while so that it gets tacky and provides a surface for the lipstick to cling to, while still providing moisture for your lips. Sorry to be super cliche here, but my favorite is the e.o.s. Smooth Lip Balm ($3.49, Walgreens) in whatever flavor you’re feeling that day (I swear, there’s like 50, haha!). The one pictured is in Strawberry Sorbet. The thing that I love about these lip balms is that they’re so moisturizing, but yet so light at the same time (as opposed to the Vaseline, where it can get a little goopy). Perfect for layering under any lipstick!

*Side note: Try to look for lip balms that have any sort of SPF in it. This is to prevent getting lip burn, which is just as painful as sunburn. I love the Fresh Sugar Rose Extreme Tinted Lip Treatment ($22.50, Sephora). It has a lovely rose scent, gives the prettiest flush to the lips, and has SPF 15.

4.) Apply Moisturizing Lipstick


At least for the first week of lip treatment, try to stay away from matte or drying lipsticks. These tend to bring out those bits of skin, especially if the lipstick is an unflattering color. I’m a big fan of the Bite Beauty Luminous Creme Lipstick ($24, Sephora). I tried the duo they sell in the checkout aisle, and that lipstick is so moisturizing and pigmented! Really, you can’t go wrong with any lipstick that has keywords “moisturizing, luminous, creamy, or shiny”.

5.) Try Matte, but moisturizing Lipsticks!


After you feel like your lips are in tip-top shape, try the Revlon Colorburst Matte Balms (8.99, Walgreens). I seriously cannot believe how matte these are when I rub my lips together because they’re just so darn comfortable! They come in beautiful colors, including my go-to red lip, Standout. They’re my new favorite!

Alright, gals. There are my tips for getting the best lips of your life! Have any recommendations for future posts? Feel free to comment down below! Until next time, girls, be well, be kind, and I’ll see you next time! (haha, that kind of rhymed. 😉 )

xo, Katie ❤